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2. Economical: It is obvious that economical sustainability of the built environment is vital to preserve and maintain its energy efficiency, A development which is not economically sustainable would soon deteriorate the result being urban deterioration and an undesirable and unpredictable outcome. 3. Social: In many cases, social sustainability is the least understood and hence can be overlooked. Urban analysis and socio-economical modelling can’t take into account the complexity and dynamic character of our societies and social groups, Also Planning instruments and Planning Controls fail to respond adequately to social needs for a number of reasons. The political character of urban planning means that different political groups have different agendas, which, in many cases can be contradicting and may be driven by political agendas and philosophies. FPA is committed to the creation of true ‘Sustainable Space’, which is Environmentally, Socially and Economically catered for. Our focus and dedication is to contribute to the creation of diverse and attractive neighbourhoods. Our designs provide ‘Places’ where people can live, carry out their day to day activities in a safe and pleasant environment. Our aim is to create a sustainable environment which encourages interaction between residents and consequently results in the development of a rich social life.